Saturday, December 24, 2011

Look who's back!

Back again!
I've been needing another photography challenge and apparently Im not very original because all I can think to do is another 365 project.
Then I came to look at this one and as I was looking through my 2010 pictures...
I hate them.
Hopefully that means my photography skills have improved.
If they haven't, hopefully doing another 365 challenge will improve them.
But just to be sure... I'm going to have some new rules.
I'm not sure what ALL those rules are yet but a few that I do know...
I have to take one self-portrait each week.
I have to take one family picture each month.
I have to take at least one picture with flash each week.
I'll work out the details of it all as I go but my point is to practice things with my camera that I'm NOT comfortable with right now. And hopefully at this time next year, I will be comfortable with them.
Now all you need to do is sit back, relax and anticipate Jan. 1st, otherwise known as begin-project365-part 2!
Or just sit back and relax...
Hope everyone is having as good of a Christmas Eve as I am!