Monday, December 3, 2012

DPC - Day 3

The topic today?
What you're reading.
I realized that I am reading several books right now which is normal for me.
From the bottom up...
The Host.
This is a fiction novel and I actually started it awhile ago and haven't made it past the first few chapters. It's a hard book to get in to but a friend assures me that once I do get in to it, it's great.
The Coming of the Lord.
I'm enjoying this, a little at a time.
Farmer Boy.
I am reading this book to the kids at night when they are ready for bed early enough to have a little extra reading time.
The Book of Mormon.
I will forever be reading this I suppose.
On the top is my kindle.  This morning I just finished a book that I had on it called "The Three Gifts of Christmas" by Anita Stansfield and I've just started another book that I have on it called, "What a Difference a Mom Makes.  The indelible Imprint a Mom Leaves on Her Son's Life" and I am already really enjoying it.
There you have it folks.
That's what I'm reading.

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